Learning French Naturally

Total Immersion – the most effective method

Language proficiency is directly related to the frequency and intensity of the exposure to a language. Therefore, a total immersion program is considered the most effective way to learn a foreign language. The French School espouses this successful method with native French-speaking teachers who communicate exclusively in French. Our immersion program meets daily for a half-day giving your child great exposure to the French language, which is essential to families whose first language is not French.

Language evolution

From day one, teachers at the French School speak only French. Through facial expressions, gestures, body language, props and visuals, the children understand what is being communicated and may not even realize the teacher is speaking a different language. Initially, children develop a phonetic inventory of all the possible sounds, sound groupings, word orders, and intonation. This information is stored in its own separate compartment in the brain, which allows children to acquire French naturally, just as they learned their first language. It is an amazing process to witness as children start to utter one word, then two-word phrases, increasing with time until children say entire sentences and eventually speak spontaneously. Children can effortlessly switch between one language to another.