Our Curriculum

At the French School, we follow the guidelines for the école maternelle established by the Ministre de l’Éducation Nationale (French Ministry of National Education).  Not only is French the subject of instruction, but it is also the medium by which all subjects are taught. All communication, from teachers to children is conducted exclusively in French. Through traditional songs and stories, children learn about French culture and history.

The curriculum consists of five general domains:

1. Socialization/Vivre Ensemble

  • Respecting rules and others
  • Learning to share, play and work with others

2. Language (Spoken and Written)/Le langage au coeur des apprentisages

  • Literature
  • Pre-reading
  • Writing
  • Theater/Dramatic play

3. Environment Discovery/Découvrir le monde

  • Math
  • Science
  • Geography

4. Motor Skills/Agir et s’exprimer avec son corps

  • Fine
  • Gross (Physical Education/Dance)

5. Creative Arts/La sensibilité, l’imagination, la création

  • Music
  • Art

These five domains are incorporated into thematic units, which explore a variety of stimulating topics consisting of age-appropriate, engaging activities. Throughout the year, thematic units allow children to explore the world around them, learn self-expression through the arts and stimulate their creativity.