Establishing an Academic Foundation

The French School follows the highly respected école maternelle (French preschool/kindergarten) curriculum established by the French Ministry of Education. This structured and goal-oriented curriculum imparts essential skills to your child that are seamlessly interwoven into thematic units consisting of fun, playful, age-appropriate activities.

Our experienced teachers integrate French pedagogy into early childhood education in a supportive and nurturing environment with a well-balanced schedule. Everyday, the children enjoy an agenda that combines quiet and active time. A typical day contains the following elements:

  • Circle time
  • Song time
  • Snack time
  • Language exploration through nursery rhymes and story telling
  • Discovery, learning and art workshops
  • Gross motor skills (park/indoors)
  • Free play

Students also benefit from small classes of no more than 16 students providing them individualized attention to help them develop mentally, physically and socially.