Explore the French School


The French School classrooms are the heart of our bustling little French house. Sunlight rooms with pastel accents create a harmonious learning environment that offers a variety of activity centers for our students to explore. Children love painting and coloring at our artist’s atelier, shopping at the French marché, eating at the café, playing with bébé, or building la Tour Eiffel out of blocks

French School   Daily Life

Our students learn and play together in a warm and nurturing environment created by our teachers. Children enjoy a rich daily school life that allows them to discover nature, music, arts and, of course, French language and culture. This routine is based on a structured and goal-oriented curriculum that incorporates fun, playful, age-appropriate activities to impart essential skills to our young learners.

French Preschool French Culture

Our students discover French culture from the first day they step into the classroom.  From dancing to Sur le pont d’Avignon to enjoying delicious crêpes for La Chandeleur, the children gain understanding and appreciation for French culture through hands-on activities and active participation.

French Preschool Winnetka Little Chefs

Delicious aromas fill the air as our little chefs discover the art of French cooking. A kitchen adjacent to every classroom makes it easy for students to learn how to cook French recipes and then sample their mouth-watering creations.  Bon appétit!

French Preschool WinnetkaSpring Show

At our annual Spring Show, the French School students perform many songs and dances they learned throughout the year for an auditorium full of proud families and friends. Our Continuing Education students also join in this annual celebration of music.

French Preschool WinnetkaSummer Camp

Summer is the perfect time to go outdoors and be active, and the French School summer camp allows young students to enjoy summer’s bounty while learning French in an immersion-style environment. Trips to the park, outdoor sports, and arts and crafts guarantee a summer full of fun and adventure.

French Preschool WinnetkaYoung Artists

Every classroom has a well-equipped art studio for our emerging artists. Each art project is closely tied to the curriculum for an experience that is both creative and educational. Children use clay, acrylics, ink, watercolors, and colored and textured paper to create works of art that decorate the classrooms and hallways.