Our Staff

Our teachers are native French speakers participating in a teacher exchange program. Their academic preparation is very extensive as preschool/kindergarten teachers in France undergo rigorous schooling before obtaining the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree and finally attending graduate school for Early Childhood Education and specializing in teaching children from ages two through ten.

Small teacher-to-student ratios allow our teachers to give children the personal attention they need to develop emotionally, physically and cognitively. They also teach the importance of socialization and community within the class allowing each child to learn and function productively in a group setting.

They share their knowledge and love for cooking, art and music, resulting in a wonderful exposure to creative arts evident in their many projects. From cracking an egg open to painting a self-portrait, our teachers combine learning with artistic expression inspiring creativity in children.

Our teachers nurture children into becoming life-long learners, instilling in them a love for reading and self-confidence while encouraging exploration and curiosity of their environment and our multi-cultural world. Additionally, they share their rich history, culture and language with them.