Course Materials

Audio Programs for Levels One, Two and Three

Quickly master the essential elements of the French language by listening and speaking along with our audio programs in your home or car. Recorded by native speakers, the French Institute’s interactive 27 lesson audio program includes 14 hours of instruction and practice drills. Authentic, lively dialogues in Levels Two and Three improve you understanding of French conversations.
For each level, there is a corresponding book that includes grammar explanations and vocabulary lists plus exercises for every lesson.

The CD’s and book complement to the material covered in all three quarters (1, 2 & 3) of each level.

“The interactive audio program is an extension of class in my car. My speaking ability and pronunciation have dramatically improved because of these CDs.”

David Mamosier, Winnetka
Level One
$45.00 Book
$195.00 CD’s with 27 lessons, pronunciation lesson and a special number review

Level Two
$45.00 Book
$195.00 CD’s with 27 lessons including dialogues

Level Three
$45.00 Book
$195.00 CD’s with 27 lessons and special compilation of La Disparition