Thinking about learning French? 5 Stats that prove being bilingual has its fair share of perks…

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As if you needed more convincing, bilingual people really do have several lifestyle advantages. Ranging from increased cognitive skills, salary bumps, to serious street cred, bilinguals really are DIFFERENT, and in the best possible way! Bilinguals look different – at least on brain imaging scans… According to cognitive neuropsychologist Jubin Abutalebi, bilinguals have significantly more […]

Bastille Day… that’s the French 4th of July, right?

Every year around this time, I admire the accomplishments of our founding fathers. Although things certainly weren’t perfect then, and we know they aren’t perfect now, the signing of the Declaration of Independence propelled our country towards certain rights for all. Since the signing of one of our nation’s most significant documents in 1776, our […]

What is it with our fascination of the French?

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Everyone who knows me knows that I am a dedicated and devoted Francophile. I love (pretty much) all things French. I have been studying French since age 12, and even after living in France, I am still madly in love with French people and culture. The Greek ending –phile means “denoting fondness for a specified thing” (Cambridge […]

Interview with Fanny

It’s no surprise that I interact a lot with French people. I work at a French school. I lived in France. Even my friends in Chicago are French. So it’s no longer surprising for me to hear about how different the United States is from France. I’ve been around French people long enough to understand […]

La Fondation Louis Vuitton

In the beautiful Jardin d’Acclimatation in Paris sits the impressive Fondation Louis Vuitton. This museum opened in October 2014 and was designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry, who also designed Chicago’s own Jay Pritzker pavilion in Millennium Park. Fondation Louis Vuitton vue depuis le jardin d’acclimatation By Sigoise (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons […]

La Caverne du Pont d’Arc

On a cold day in December 1994 in the Ardèche Valley region of France, three friends and weekend cavers – Jean-Marie Chauvet, Eliette Brunel and Christian Hilliare – followed an air current to a small opening in a limestone cliff. Using hammers to chip away at the rock, they uncovered the opening to a cave whose […]

Champignons de Paris

The mass production of produce often endangers the livelihood of local farmers. Such is the case with the production of Champignons de Paris in Île-de-France. Champignons de Paris are a specific type of mushroom also referred to as button or portobello mushrooms. Champignons de Paris.  Image courtesy of Doudoulolita (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia […]

L’Hermione Sails Again

This summer the long history of Franco-American amitié (friendship) will be celebrated with the six-week sailing tour of a replica of l’Hermione, an 18th century French warship, along the Eastern seaboard of the United States.  The ship will set sail from France in April and arrive in America in mid-June. The tour will begin in Yorktown, Virginia and continue […]

The Philharmonie de Paris: a Music-Lover’s Paradise

The new Philharmonie de Paris, open this year for its inaugural season, is one of the most beautiful concert halls in the world, and it promises to make Paris a global capital for orchestral music.  This new concert hall is situated in le Parc de la Villette on a 65,000 square foot plot of land in […]

Recette du mois: La galette des rois

 La galette des rois is an essential part of the French custom la Fête des rois, which traditionally takes place on the first Sunday in January to mark the arrival of the three kings (rois) in Bethlehem, but is now celebrated all month long in France. As part of this tradition, families and friends gather together to […]