Our Approach

Whether this is your first exposure to learning French or you just want to brush up from years past, our motivating approach and warm setting will inspire you to achieve your goal to speak French.

Learning French – “Hands On”!

The French Institute of the North Shore uses a refreshingly different and exciting methodology in foreign language acquisition that will make you forget those days of boring French classes.

We teach practical conversational French to enable you to communicate with native French speakers in France, Canada, St. Martin . . .
Our highly interactive teaching method will you have speaking French from day one. This methodology is so effective because students understand without translating and their responses become more of a natural reflex.
Vocabulary is often introduced using props. You may find yourself armed with a shopping list and having to purchase faux fruit and vegetables at the local “plastic” market.
Life-like scenarios help reinforce important dialogues. Playing the role of a sales clerk or shopper, prepares you for the next time you walk into a French store.
Small class sizes ensure participation by each student. Practice makes perfect and the opportunity to speak in class along with personal attention helps you achieve your goal.
Our native-speaking, professional and experienced faculty interjects fun and culture into each lesson, along with entertaining anecdotes about the French and France. Their encouragement allows you to learn with ease.
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