North Shore Beacon for Francophiles and Francophones

The French Institute of the North shore is housed in a turn of the century building that has a façade reminiscent of late 19th century Parisian architecture.

Once inside, you step into a French world. Our non-traditional classrooms, decorated à la française, create an ambiance that compels you to speak French.

facility_big2_58Versailles Reminiscent of the beautiful château built by the Sun King, the gold paneled, soft pink walls and Louis XIV furniture make this classroom an elegant setting for learning French.


facility_big3_89Paris Enjoy a chic cosmopolitan feel in this leopard-themed room, including a framed Hèrmes scarf and original Daumier lithographs.


facility_big4_12Provence Featuring window paintings of lavender fields and country scenes, this rustic kitchen with ochre colored walls, brings students a step closer to the actual region of Provence in southern France


facility_big_28Bernadette In our reception area, you will find Bernadette, a truffle-hunting champ, who brings good luck to all students of the French Institute. A fun tradition at the French Institute is for students about to travel to a French-speaking country, to drop a coin in the back of this brass pig, and make a wish. Our students claim that their wishes do come true.